About ESCA

ESCA is a catering startup based in Seattle, and, like many other small businesses, is designed to take on the world (view of catering). At ESCA, we believe that healthy and decadent are not mutually exclusive concepts. You can have your (proverbial) cake and eat it, too. So, we work with our clients to design menus that cater to their tastes. For clients that just want menus, we have those too. But above all, what we do is to provide a service experience like the one we’d like to experience ourselves: Professional, proficient, courteous and kind.

What about all the ingredients, the food, the wine? Well, those are all very critical too but service trumps all: When you have great service, all else fall into place. Suddenly, good food seems great. Decent wine appears that it was designed specifically for what you are eating. Work with us here: Think of the best food service experience you’ve had. Got it? Good. Now tell me what was on the menu. In all likelihood, you will remember one or two of the main ingredients (“it was a chicken dish” or “I think it was some sort of squash”) but more than anything, you will remember how special you felt. That is the principle on which ESCA was founded. The food should be amazing but the overall experience – food, ambiance, décor, service, staff – should blow your mind. All that at a reasonable cost. Like we said, we are taking on the world.

About Ton Yazici, Founder

Ton is a recovering corporate technocrat who turned his off-hours passion into a business by starting first a winery in 2012 (Locus Wines) and then ESCA, after completing the Culinary Arts program at the Seattle Culinary Academy (where you can still see him often filling in for staff or helping out with operational challenges). What little spare time he has belongs to his spouse, their dogs and of course food and wine with few close friends.


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