TASTE Washington – Our First Rodeo

We had a great time at TASTE Washington this last weekend, serving just under 2,000 pieces of each of the pastry squares and pork rillettes crostini and countless (disposable but recyclable) spoonfuls of Asure, a pudding that blew away some minds on day 2. The overwhelmingly positive reception made us forget that we were all hunching over prepping the food at a crazy fast pace. We also did ourselves a favor by ending service an hour earlier than the Sunday’s closing bell so that we can all broaden our own horizons on wine (over 230 wineries represented) as well as check out the competition (60+ restaurants and 5 or so catering companies represented). The ESCA team (Renea, Katherine, Ivan – all current students of Seattle Culinary Academy except Renea who graduated last week) did wonders and after an hour of drinking and eating at the end of the show, we even ended up getting a bit giddy as you can see in the team picture. Cheers to you, cheers to us. Thank you for all that came by and ate the food (and mostly came back for repeat visits).


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